There is evil in the world

q-8-t-emanuel-a.m.e.-church-700x525We humans are great problem solvers: we overcome distance with phone calls, emails, satellites and airplanes; we overcome summer heat with air-conditioning and winter cold with forced-air heating; we overcome illnesses with vaccinations; the mundane tasks of life like vacuuming the house with robots—and the list goes on.

But after all our resourcefulness, two challenges remain for which solutions are evasive: evil and death. After all our resourcefulness, the solutions to overcoming evil and death remain universal questions with no easy solutions. Can Christians offer comfort and perhaps a unique perspective?

I believe Mother Emanuel Church in Charleston, along with the families of those killed, did that two weeks ago.

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Loving your enemies

I haven’t yet run across anyone who was not stunned by the evil visited on the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston earlier this week…to say we are all heart sick isn’t adequate…we mourn with those who mourn today.

During the bail hearing, a bit unusual but apparently permitted in South Carolina, were some of the comments of relatives of those murdered by the self-confessed 21 year old who committed the crime.

Stunning the world, many said to him, “I forgive you…” Continue reading

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Celebrating with great joy!

SamburuMy friend and colleague, Rev. Peter Munguti, is the national director of Bible Translation and Literacy in Kenya. He made this post recently on FB of the Samburu people people celebrating the arrival of God’s Word in their language. Peter reports that during the ceremony it was declared by the Samburu people, “God is no longer a foreign God…today he speaks Samburu!” Continue reading

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In the midst of the storm

 On Monday, March 10, 1975, Wycliffe missionaries John and Carolyn Miller were about to begin an eight month ordeal that would test every Christian principle they had ever learned (Carolyn has since documented their journey in her book, “Captured.”) The war in South Vietnam was raging, and the Viet Cong, supported by North Vietnam, were gaining the upper hand. Fourteen years earlier the Millers had started learning the Bru language of Vietnam and Laos, and by 1975 they and their Bru co-workers were in the final stages of checking the New Testament before typesetting and printing. But the fighting kept moving closer.  Continue reading

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Now I Understand!

Many people don’t realize there are over 400 sign languages in the world today that are the heart language of those in the deaf community who have learned to sign in one of these languages.

Receiving the Scriptures in your own language gives the best opportunity for transformation, and the “heart language” makes a big difference and impact on your ability to understand and apply the truths of the Bible.

Mr. Hideo Araki from Japan is deaf. In this brief video he shares a testimony about the challenges of understanding the printed Japanese Bible and the dramatic difference that the Japanese Sign Language Bible is making in his life.

Used by permission of Mr. Hideo Araki.

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Checking John 6Sarah, a Wycliffe translator in Southeast Asia, sat with a group of women checking a translation of John’s Gospel to make sure it communicated God’s message clearly, accurately and naturally.

The eight women read chapter 5 with Sarah and patiently answered question after question, helping her fine-tune the translation. With the last verse of the chapter checked, Sarah suggested they quit for the day. Continue reading

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Pray for Nepal

unnamedAfter a 7.8-magnitude earthquake and several strong aftershocks devastated Nepal, thousands have been reported dead and many more injured and displaced. There are more than 29 million people in Nepal, speaking around 120 languages, and our hearts are heavy for all of them.
We mourn with them in the loss of loved ones, homes and livelihoods, and we pray that God will provide abundantly for them in their distress. He is the God who never fails, never forsakes and never changes. Our deep desire is that all Nepalese people would hear him speak these truths to their hearts as they deal with this tragedy.
Over and over again, we have seen God prove his faithfulness in the face ofearthquakes, tsunamis, persecution and other hardships. If you have the time, I encourage you to read those stories. I hope they give you some perspective in the midst of this tragedy today.
Though Wycliffe USA is not set up to provide emergency assistance, our partners at SIL International have recommended several relief organizations that are doing wonderful work. If you feel led to give, I encourage you to give through one of them.
Above all else, I hope you’ll join us in praying for Nepal. Such desperate situations can leave us feeling overwhelmed and wondering how to help, or questioning if our efforts could ever make a difference. I am convinced that the place to begin is with prayer. God’s Word tells us he will honor our prayers.
Then Jesus told them, “I tell you the truth, if you have faith and don’t doubt, you can do things like this and much more. You can even say to this mountain, ‘May you be lifted up and thrown into the sea,’ and it will happen. You can pray for anything, and if you have faith, you will receive it.” —Matthew 21:21-22 (NLT)
If you’re unsure where to begin praying, here are a few ideas to guide you.
How to Pray for Nepal
  • Pray for the people in Nepal — those injured, those who have lost loved ones, and the search and rescue workers risking their lives. Pray also for Nepal’s government and local leaders who need wisdom, courage, compassion and access to resources. Pray that God’s comfort and provision will be evident to all, including those who don’t yet have a relationship with him.
  • Pray for the earthquake relief workers across the globe who are gathering supplies and manpower to send to the Nepalese. Pray that teams on the ground will reach those in need quickly with food, water, medicine and shelter. Pray that God’s love will be demonstrated to the Nepalese through these acts of mercy and kindness.
  • Pray for the Good News to reach into hearts all over Nepal so that people can know God intimately and rest in his hope and infinite love, despite enormous heartache. Pray that our brothers and sisters there can be catalysts of comfort and peace for their neighbors as they grieve together. Praise God that even amidst suffering, his goodness and faithfulness are unchanging.
Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think. —Ephesians 3:20(NLT)
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