Eradicating Bible Poverty In Our Lifetime!

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It makes our insides come alive!

luang6The Luang people live on a small island far out in the seas of Southeast Asia and remember what it was like when the Bible was a closed book to them. And they remember when the New Testament was translated and the Book was finally opened. Continue reading

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God always uses us for the sake of others

IMG_0265Dallas and I had a very brief visit last week from a longtime friend (our friendship dates back to high school, college to present day). He’s writing a book and, for some reason, wanted to talk with us about our walk toward a career focused on overcoming the injustice of Bible poverty—that’s another blog for another time.

Revisiting a period of our lives from 30+ years ago was surprisingly refreshing (who doesn’t like talking about themselves!). After he left, Dallas and I reflected on the comfort of those relationships we made in those early years, and that we still treasure.

The walk through these memories and decisions we made that still shape our lives today, while refreshing, served also as a reminder of a sometimes tumultuous period of our lives. Continue reading

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The American Ideal

2015/01/img_0260.jpgIn America today we have a dilemma. We are living with the painful contradiction between our ideals as Americans that stand juxtaposed against the deep injustices and inequalities that the nation is stuck in. Our ideals—the essential dignity of the individual human being, the fundamental equality of all men, women and children who have inalienable rights to freedom, justice, and a fair opportunity—represent to us the essential meaning of the nation’s early struggle for independence. Our ideals are rooted in the Declaration of Independence, the Preamble of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights. Striving to achieve these ideals is our tradition. Continue reading

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Words matter…so does prayer


Differences between languages in a cluster project can sometimes result in humorous mistakes. Acts 9:25 records Paul being lowered down a city wall in a basket. Some Quechua translations in the project add a word meaning “in order to escape.”

During a translation check, a representative of one of the languages pointed out that this word, in his language, could indicated that Paul was in the basket “to give birth!” Continue reading

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Leave the world better than you found it

2015/01/img_0579.jpgDr. Barry Black set an inspirational and optimistic tone in his address (read ‘sermon’) this morning at the 24th Annual Pappy Kennedy Prayer Breakfast in Orlando on Martin Luther King Day. Continue reading

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What, me worry?


The video clip at the end of this piece, while only tangentially related to this post, informs the title. The events of the past two weeks, particularly outside the USA (France, Belgium, Nigeria), have left most of us, including the people at MAD Magazine, wondering and worried…where is the solid ground? I don’t knowing if things are worse than they’ve ever been, but who can deny that tragic things are happening that make no sense and leave most of feeling insecure and fearful. Continue reading

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