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The role of education and Bible translation in rural development

According to this article in the Economist, the highlands of Peru have “long sheltered one of South America’s larger concentrations of poor people.” But recent data shows that there are indicators of change: “new markets, lots of traffic (motorbikes, moto-taxis … Continue reading

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This Sunday several of us from Wycliffe USA and Wycliffe Canada have the privilege of attending the dedication of the EAST APURÍMAC QUECHUA NEW TESTAMENT in Abancay, Peru. Check the Wycliffe Blog for updates.

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I could always do better

Last night Dallas and I had the privilege to attend an event at RTS, Orlando–the Spurgeon Lecture series where Dr. John Piper delivered the address. According to the RTS website, “The Spurgeon Lecture is a hallmark of the Nicole Institute of … Continue reading

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Does there always have to be a litmus test?

Too many people today want to simplify our human complexities—we’re either ALL right/good or ALL bad/wrong.  We are ALL conservative or ALL liberal.  And there seems to be an illusive ‘litmus’ test to determine orientation and worldview.   We’re particularly … Continue reading

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Not an unknown God any more

Alfred is a Nooni speaker in Cameroon, West Africa, and a translation consultant in training for the six Misaje languages. Alfred is supervising the technical part of the six-language Misaje translation program. “In October of 2012, for the first time … Continue reading

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