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The American Ideal

In America today we have a dilemma. We are living with the painful contradiction between our ideals as Americans that stand juxtaposed against the deep injustices and inequalities that the nation is stuck in. Our ideals—the essential dignity of the individual … Continue reading

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Words matter…so does prayer

QUECHUA CLUSTER PROJECT MARGOS, HUAMALIES, HUAYLAS, NORTH CONCHUCOS, AND SOUTH CONCUCHOS LANGUAGES; PERU (970,000)* Differences between languages in a cluster project can sometimes result in humorous mistakes. Acts 9:25 records Paul being lowered down a city wall in a basket. … Continue reading

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Leave the world better than you found it

Dr. Barry Black set an inspirational and optimistic tone in his address (read ‘sermon’) this morning at the 24th Annual Pappy Kennedy Prayer Breakfast in Orlando on Martin Luther King Day.

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What, me worry?

The video clip at the end of this piece, while only tangentially related to this post, informs the title. The events of the past two weeks, particularly outside the USA (France, Belgium, Nigeria), have left most of us, including the … Continue reading

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Pretty as a market plum

Wycliffe translation consultant, Keith Patman, had not expected to see the word for “plum” right in the middle of 1 Peter 3:3, but there it was! The back translation into English read, “Wives, don’t try to be pretty like a … Continue reading

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