Words matter…so does prayer


Differences between languages in a cluster project can sometimes result in humorous mistakes. Acts 9:25 records Paul being lowered down a city wall in a basket. Some Quechua translations in the project add a word meaning “in order to escape.”

During a translation check, a representative of one of the languages pointed out that this word, in his language, could indicated that Paul was in the basket “to give birth!”

Translators work toward a goal of complete, clear and natural translations so work carefully to avoid mistakes/catch any mistranslations where a literal translation of the biblical text could create confusion.

The hope is that all five of these translations will be completed in 2015. The amount of Scripture to be checked by Mark, their translation consultant,
is daunting. If you’d like to pray, ask God to sustain and strengthen him. Also pray that the team meets their goal of finishing typesetting and preparing layouts for these five Quechua Bibles.

For additional information on this project go to THESEEDCOMPANY.ORG

*taken from January 20, Finish Line, Wycliffe USA

About Bob Creson

President/CEO of Wycliffe Bible Translators USA, Orlando, Florida. It is an injustice not to have the right to read the Scriptures.
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